Guide for Authors

International Journal of Women’s Research (IJWR) considers all manuscripts for publication on the strict condition that

  • the manuscript is your own original work, and does not duplicate any other previously published work, including your own previously published work.
  • the manuscript has been submitted only to International Journal of Women’s Research (IJWR); it is not under consideration or peer review or accepted for publication or in press or published elsewhere.
  • the manuscript contains nothing that is abusive, defamatory, libellous, obscene, fraudulent, or illegal.

Research articles published in International Journal of Women’s Research (IJWR) undergo editorial screening and double-blind peer review. Editors reserve the right to reject submissions of poor quality, or of limited relevance to our readers, prior to peer review.

Authors with English as a second language may need the guidance of a first-language speaker or academic proof-reader before submitting. Manuscripts submitted in ether poor English or draft-form are not accepted.

As for the reference style, authors are requested to submit manuscripts in the style specified in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA), 6th edition. Examples are as follows.


Reinharz, S., & Davidman, L. (1992). Feminist methods in social research. New York: Oxford University Press.

Journal Articles: 

Cook, J. A., & Fonow, M. M. (1986). Knowledge and Women's Interests: Issues of Epistemology and Methodology in Feminist Sociological Research*. Sociological Inquiry, 56(1), 2-29.