Poverty among Hispanic Women in the United States of America between 2005 and 2010


1 Assistant Professor, Faculty of World Studies, University of Tehran

2 MA Graduate, American Studies, University of Tehran


Poverty is a widespread problem not only inflicting poor nations, but also nations like the United States of America. In the history of the United States, women and racial minorities had always been persistently struggling with poverty. This paper intends to investigate poverty among Hispanic women between 2005 and 2010 and identify and analyze the relevant contributing factors. Within this period, the financial crisis of 2007 occurred, and thus, it is essential to investigate its impact on poverty among Hispanic women. Hispanic women have always had the lowest amount of earning compared to Hispanic men and also women and men of other racial and ethnic groups. Therefore, this paper investigates the reasons for the lowest amount of earning among Hispanic women. Through the use of individual theory of poverty and structural theory of poverty, this paper argues that Hispanic women are poor because of both structural factors and individual factors. Finally, the paper uses a documentary method to gather data.