Power Structure in Labour Families; The Case Study: Lar City, Iran


1 Associate Professor, Department of of Sociology, Shiraz University

2 Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology, Payame Noor University


This study examines the relationship between migration and power structure in Larian labour families. The research method for conducting this study is fieldwork research, and the technique of data collection is self- administration questionnaire, using face to face interviews. The sample size of this research was 570 women. 285 ones were selected amongwomen whose husbands were labor migrants and 285 women whose husbands were employed in the city of Lar, Iran.
The findings show that there is a small difference regarding women's power in migrant familiesy and those whose husbands live in Lar. The linear regression shows that there is a relationship between husbands' migration and women's power. This value increases with regard to the duration of the husband's absence.